Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swiss Park Banquet Center Wedding Photographer/ Heidi and Oscar

What a gorgeous day for a Swiss Park Wedding. The sun was shining, the weather was perfect and we had the sweetest couple in the world to photograph! Heidi and Oscar got married at the lovely Swiss Park Banquet Center in Whittier, Ca. I had the perfect team of professionals working with me. My awesome associate shooters Shelly Schartau and William Booth were with me for the day and it was such a treat for me to have both of their talents to complete this couples wedding photography story. I was so happy to refer Steve of Vantage Point to video all of the details and emotions going on this day. Steve and Laura are so easy to work with and their videography is truly remarkable!

Swiss Park Banquet Center is a wonderful wedding venue. The staff is outstanding, the location is picture perfect and the wedding guests enjoy a fine meal. What more could you ask for in a wedding venue... Thank you Tricia for referring this wonderful couple to me! You are the best!

Here are just a few of the many wonderful wedding memories we have made for this adorable couple.

Starting with the wedding details... I do love to photograph the details and Shelly was right there with me to capture some precious moments.

Meet the groom, Oscar! From the moment I met him at my home for the wedding consultation, I instantly knew that I had to photograph his wedding at Swiss Park. Oscar is sweet, fun, playful
and madly in love with Heidi! What a total package...

This is Oscar's adorable daughter Melanie. Bill got this great head shot of her. Love it!

Our beautiful bride Heidi! Heidi and I had a connection the moment we spoke on the phone. I think we talked for over an hour the first time. She is sweet, loving, kind, beautiful, generous... The list goes on. I just adore Heidi and I was so thrilled to be her wedding photographer...

The grounds at Swiss Park are lush and green which make for beautiful wedding photographs.

Melanie made a stunning entrance as the flower girl.

Oscar was so full of love and emotion for his bride Heidi, I believe he had myself and all of his guests in tears. It was such a emotional moment. I am sure this is one of the many reasons why Heidi loves this awesome man.

The rocking wedding party. Thanks for being so fun to work with!

I love this photograph in front of the reception room at Swiss Park Banquet Center.

This couple was so happy and full of life and love. It truly was a pleasure to photograph their wedding day!

Reception Details... Love this room shot by Bill.

I love taking this close up shots with my macro lens. So fun...

The reception at Swiss Park was a blast.... Heidi and Oscar danced the night away and it was so fun to be a part of the action.

God Bless your marriage! I look forward to seeing you both soon.


Oscar & Heidi Henriquez said...

Thank you so much Michelle! Also, to Bill & Shelley, for the great, beautiful work you guys did! Oscar & I both love the sneak peak, we cant wait to see all the pictures. Michelle you and your team are the best!
Oscar & Heidi Henriquez

Deb Tracey said...

Michelle, Shelly, Bill!!! What a great day!! Beautifully captured and I was waiting to see this wedding, because I knew that you would all be a "triple threat!!" lol ! and I'm so glad that we have such a great group of friends and fellow professionals to work with. love, deb