Monday, November 2, 2009

Redlands Photographer/ Redlands High School Senior Photographer/ Marissa Class of 2010

I am having the best time taking all of these wonderful High School Senior photographs... Each one of them has been so unique and fun and Marissa from Redlands High School was no exception. I met her at one of their favorite places that they go to in the summer to listen to music. We had so much fun taking photos and getting to know each other. She is the cousin of one of my other clients... A big thank you to the Finazzo's for referring me to this Sweet, Redlands student. Marissa has many attributes including being is a four year member of the Redlands High School Spiritleader's. She is in her 3rd year of the Heart Academy, she plans on becoming a doctor someday! Some of her clubs are: Key Club, Possabillies, the Fashion club, American Cancer Society. Marissa helps out with the Junior All American cheerleaders once or twice a week. What an amazing student! Here is a peak into her fun senior session...

This is one of my favorite photos of Marissa! I love the bold colors and the dog was adorable.

Redlands has so many fun areas to photograph High School Seniors. I love going to new places to photograph. It keeps me on my toes and my photography fun and fresh.

Downtown Redlands had this awesome red wall. Super fun for photos.

Thanks Marissa for such a great photo shoot. I know you will have the best senior year and get into an awesome college...xoxo


Jo said...

Oh Thank you so much! I think everything turned out beautifully! You have given us a wonderful experience. Not all photographers have been as wonderful as you! and quick too! Thank you thank you.
Jo Dudeck

Michelle said...

Cute!!!! Yes, Redlands does have awesome spots for photogs!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey :D
its Marissa D!! thank you so much!!
I have been talking about you to my friends, and they have looked at your website! They all think you are a great photographer with interesting and fun ideas. wWhich is true!
thank you so much :]

Wendi Finazzo said...

You did an amazing job on Marissa's pictures and we knew her family would love what you do!!!! Keep it up!!! ♥ ya!

Kathy Jackson said...

I told you not to post these beautiful things!!!!!! I will spend all day looking! That is soooo cute! I love the colors with the hula hoops and glasses and red wall and pink shirt. What a fun time you had!