Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Claremont Photographer/Bar Mitzvah Photographer/Temple Beth Israel Photographer/ Garrett turns 13!

Garrett is turning 13! He is having his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth Israel in November. His parents knew they wanted some really cool photos of him to display at his Bar Mitzvah so we headed down to Claremont for a very fun photography session. Garrett's Bar Mitzvah party theme is baseball. He wanted some casual photos that described a baseball feel to them. I had just the plan for his Claremont photo shoot. Here is a sneak peak of his photo session. Enjoy!

Garret is cool, he has tons of friends and he is the life of the party! I am so excited to be his Bar Mitzvah Photographer!

Look at those eyes... Don't they just melt your heart?

I love photographing in Claremont, every turn leads to a new photo spot!

I love this vintage feel to this photo.

I Know Garrett will be a Hero at his Bar Mitzvah party! It was so fun taking these photos of him.


MansTouch said...

You just captured a lovely photo.
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Shari said...

Awesome pics - gotta love that kid!! Thanks Michelle!

Michelle said...

What a fun shoot...I love the baseball theme!! You make me want to move to Claremont!! :)