Monday, October 26, 2009

Greystone Mansion Photographer/Engagement Photographer/Susan and Paul!

Susan and Paul are engaged to be married this coming January. I had so much fun photographing their engagement session in Beverly Hills at the Greystone Mansion. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we had such a great time taking pictures and talking about their upcoming wedding. Susan and Paul love being silly with each other and photographing their engagement session was a blast. I have known Susan for about 6 years and it was such a pleasure to meet Paul. Here is s sneak peak at their super fun Beverly Hills Engagement Session...

We walked around this Beverly Hills mansion and found so many great photo spots. Susan and Paul were easy going and full of life and fun.

I love this fun photo of Susan and Paul.

This one too... Too cute!

It was such a treat to Photograph in Beverly Hills and get out of my comfort zone. New locations make my job as a wedding photographer fun and fresh!

I love the light on Susan's hair in this photograph.

I am looking forward to photographing this sweet couple's wedding in January. It will be here before you know it...

Thanks guys... It was so fun to hang out with you.


Susan said...

Thanks Michelle, you did a great job capturing the mansion and us. It was alot of fun, even though it was such a hot day! Thanks so much.

Susan & Paul said...

Thanks for all your work - you take great pictures - Paul was amazed at how photogenic you made us look!