Sunday, May 10, 2009

High School Senior Photography/ My First Born


My first Born, My amazing gift from GOD! What a special, beautiful, magical experience. I am so thankful for Morgan making me a mother. She and my amazing, special, adorable son Myles, are what I am made of. I know they are one of the reasons I am here, leaving this amazing legacy of love, life and moments in time. I thank you Morgan and Myles for letting me experience being a mother and this amazing journey God has given me. This is Morgan's High School Senior Session. I took these photos of her in March, I have been so busy I have not been able to share these with you. She is so beautiful, sweet, kind, God Loving, amazing and fearless. It is so hard to believe that she was sick in these photos. She just showed signs of fatigue, an over extended High School senior, involved in Soccer, 2 AP classes, a full load, working 2 days a week, youth group at church, homework, and her sweet boyfriend. This is normal for a 17 year old right!!! We took her for a standard blood test expecting it to say she was just anemic and run down. Wrong! Her disease of SLE, Lupus, rapidly progressed. It is already damaging her Kidney's so the Dr. has to take a very proactive response with her. She went from a normal 17 year old, strong, vibrant, athlete, to feeling like a 80 year old woman, in a matter of weeks.!!! So scary. Thank GOD we were on top of this and got her diagnosed quickly. She started all of her medications this weekend and with a very heavy heart, I pray so hard that she will not get the side effects related to these very, intense, drugs. Please Dear Lord, protect sweet Morgan, let her be strong and fearless to fight and conquer this disease. She is graduating with Honors on June 5th. She has accepted to attend a Private University in San Diego. God Willing she will be able to proceed with her plans for college and life. Please keep Morgan and our family in your prayers. We appreciate it. These words describe Morgan...



Morgan loves to joke a round and have fun. She is the life of the party. Her personality is fun, loving, kind, loyal, God Loving and more! She is a treasure and everyone adores her!!!





Ready for the Future!!!



God- Loving!!!!



Thank you sweet Morgan and My sweet son Myles for making me a Mother, The best job in the world. I love you more than words can say!!! xoxo God Bless you both!!!


Dana said...

Morgan is gorgeous! I'm keeping you all in my prayers... I hope she gets to feeling better soon! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Michelle, these are so beautiful- Morgan is gorgeous!


Deb Tracey said...

Morgan, you are lovely and I hope to meet you someday. I love your mom and I know that God has amazing plans for you. You are in my prayers and as I look at these beautiful images, I see a sweet, strong and passionate girl who will do great things in her life. God Bless you now and always. Mom and Dad should be so proud :) much love, deb

Krissy- said...

I was just looking at your blog and viewing the wonderful photos of your daughter,she is beautiful!! Just wanted to let you know we are praying for her.

The Gollihars,
Andrew,Krissy,Amanda and