Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Claremont Wedding/ Michael and Lane 2-28-09

As promised, my amazing wedding from Saturday. Lane and Michael are the sweetest couple. From the moment we met, there was a chemistry between us which makes for magical photographs...Michael is from New York and Lane is from our very own area. He sells lighting, she relaxes the stressed and weary. They make a perfect match and I am so blessed to have been a part of this very important day in their lives. I would like to thank my amazing team of photographers. Mark, as always you did a great job and Shelly, you are truly the best! Thank you both! Laura from Vantage Point was shooting the video, I can't wait to see her creation! The DJay company provided our evenings entertainment, they sure know how to rock the house! The setting was magical made by Gourmet Gourmet catering and they served a lovely meal to all of the guests.

The wedding day started and ended at the Frazier home.The wedding ceremony was held at St. Mark's. We were lucky enough to have permission to photograph the wedding party at the Colleges. Lane and Michael decided to see each other before the wedding, so their first sight photos were so romantic and natural. I have only just begun sifting through these beautiful photographs, so here are a few of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!

Lane's dress was absolutely gorgeous and notice the sweet flower girl taking a peek.

I love this shot of Lane getting ready and the birdcage veil was was so charming on her.

Lane was so comfortable in front of the camera. She was stunning!

Don't cha wish you had a body like that... Don't cha!

Michael walks and meets his bride. So sweet and so tender.

Love this shot!

The rocking wedding party! I gave this photo a vintage flair. It looks great with this architecture!

Let's get the party started.. I love this shot that Shelly got of the ring bearer and flower girl and trust me that was not an easy task. They were having so much fun playing around with each other.

Some details...

The rings were just beautiful!


Thank you Michael and Lane for sharing your day with us! God Bless you both and I will see you soon. xoxo Michelle


Michelle P said...

Just amazing!! It makes me want to get married again just so I can have you be our photographer. Well almost... :)

Gourmet Gourmet Catering said...



Deb Tracey said...

Michelle! Beautiful, beautiful work! I like everything and I know your couple will too! What a gorgeous couple and such beautiful details :) deb

Laura Moses said...


These pictures are fabulous!!! It is so exciting to see the day through your lens. Truly inspired work.

Vantage Point Custom Films

Toni Frazier said...

Gorgeous pictures

Anonymous said...

You documented this wedding better than any wedding we have been to. We are so impressed with your work.

Lane...the Bride said...

Thank you, Michelle for being a key ingredient to creating a perfect day and our fairytale wedding. You and your team were amazing, professional and a blast to have shared the day with . We are so blessed to have found such an endearing heart to have captured our day. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon. x0x0

Mercedes Shaw said...

Hi Michelle, my name is Mercedes Shaw your work is fantastic you are a great photographer. I was the florist for Lane and Michael wedding., I just love your work if you could please email me some of the bride and bridesmaids pictures I will really appreciated. Thank you