Friday, March 6, 2009

National Charity League/Kati

Presenting Miss Kati! Yes, another absolutely gorgeous NCL girl being presented this Spring. I am so honored to have taken all of these girls very special portraits to be displayed during Presentation. I took them all to their own unique location so each girl would be special and have a photo to represent their personality. Kati is lucky to have a father who just so happens to collect cool hot rods! This Nomad was perfect for her shoot. I know Kati will love them. Here is a peak into her session.

We had do do a few urban shots to mix it up a bit!

This orange wall was a great backdrop for Kati. She looks gorgeous.

Love the red high heels!


Kati Proctor said...

Hey you. They are lovely. Thank you so so much!!! Kati

patrice said...

Hot car, hot girl, hot photos@