Saturday, August 16, 2008

High School Senior Photos/Paul Class of 2009!

I had the pleasure of spending some time with this amazing senior. Paul has so many incredible talents. He earned his Varsity Letter in Volleyball, Golf, Missions, Academics, Chorale and SLT. That is so impressive. He has plans of going to Med School and I just know he will accomplish all of his dreams. He is really down to earth and I had so much fun taking his photos. I wish Paul the best in life. I want to thank Hope for referring Paul to me! I appreciate it!

Wow! Look at those eyes! Stunning...

I don't think Paul can take a bad photo. He is really comfortable in front of the camera.

Thanks Paul! Have a great Senior Year!


Sandi Allbright said...

Michelle did an awesome job with Paul's photos. I sat down with a
neighbor to get her impressions and she was stunned. Your energy truly
made this experience a great one for him

Tori said...

Look at that cutie with those amazing eyes!!!