Friday, May 23, 2008

Senior Portraits/Hope Class of 2009!

How lucky am I to have Hope be my first senior portrait for the class of 2009. I plan on photographing lots of seniors for this upcoming season, as my own daughter will be one of them.
Hope is so many things... stunning, smart, fun, sweet, kind, and of course beautiful inside and out. I have enjoyed watching her grow. She and her family have been clients of mine right from the start and I am so blessed to know them. Hope was so photogenic! I took so many amazing shots. Here are a few of them. Enjoy!

Hope has the most amazing eyes you will ever see!

I think she resembles Jennifer Aniston with a wee bit of Jessica Parker mixed in.

Hope brought the cutest clothes to choose from. She has such great style!

Mesmerizing Eyes Hope!

Hope loves shopping so these shots were fun! Then... the bad ol' security guard made us leave. Shouldn't they be looking for graffiti artists instead?

I had the best time with you and I will see you for more photos in the Fall when your braces come off!


Chris Barnett said...

Laurie just emailed me the photos. Good Lord, woman! That is my baby girl? Wow! Her eyes were so powerful, they burned a hole through the back of my head. Great job!!!

Thanks, Chris Barnett

PS: I'm in big trouble, aren't I?

Laurie Barnett said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!These are so awesome!I want to order some of those too. How pretty my baby is. Can't wait to see you. love Laurie

Alyssa Tucker said...

Hey Michelle! This is Alyssa. Hope's friend that helped with lighting! I am SOOO amazed with these pictures! They are incredible and well we all know that Hope is stunning :). Someday I will of course let you know when I am in need of your incredible photography. Give me a few years!
Thanks so much!