Thursday, July 31, 2008

San Dimas Photographer/Sam turns 13!

Boys and Lamborghini's! Sam is turning 13 and he has a passion for fast cars, especially the sleek Lamborghini. He is having his Bar Mitzvah in September and really wanted a photo by a Lamborghini, so luckily our very good friends, the Soucier's, were kind enough to share their amazing car with Sam for a few quick shots. Sam was in heaven, he knew all the bells and whistles of the car. I just know one day he will be driving one. We then headed over to Sam's back yard for just a few more photos. It was fun hanging out with him and I look forward to the Mitzvah!


Shannon Lott said...

How awesome are these? I bet he's in heaven! Those are great shots with that car.

Mary Jo said...

Jeff sent me Sam's photos and I am loving them!!!

All the best,

Mary Jo Gallegos
Wedding Coordinator
An Affaire of the Heart