Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sierra La Verne Country Club Wedding/ Richard & Rachel May 24, 2008

May 24, 2008- Richard and Rachel got married! I was so glad that our crazy, stormy weather did not spoil their day. There were clouds in the sky with bits of blue, but thankfully, no rain! It was actually perfect picture taking weather. The wedding took place at the church that Rachel had grown up in... Her mom, Rebecca, is one of the wedding planners there, so the excitement was filling the church from each end. This was a special wedding for Mark and I, as we have become friends with this very lovely family. Here is a sneak peak into their many, many moments that we have forever captured on film...

How sweet and tender is this!!! Rachel is the first of three daughters to be married.

I Love this playful shot of Rach...

The Wedding Party... They rocked this shoot. Thanks so much!

This architecture is so charming and romantic...

The reception was held at the wonderful Sierra La Verne
Country Club.

Cucamonga Cakery did a fantastic job as always... Thanks girls!

What a tear jerker. Rachel was listening to her Matron of Honor Annie, give a heartfelt remembrance of their special friendship and childhood together.

Thank you so much for having us there at this special wedding and for treating us like family. we love you all! God Bless

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Rachel & Richard said...

The pictures look wonderful! You and Mark did such a great job! You guys are amazing and we love the fact that you were both there on our special day, you have become so special to us and our family! Thank you for a great job!