Friday, April 25, 2008

Children's Photographer/Super Sweet Kids

Are these not the sweetest kids ever! They are cousins and wanted to have a photo shoot together. It was a gorgeous day and the kids looked so precious. I just love their natural looking outfits. It makes for such an angelic portrait. Here are some of my favorites...

I love the innocence of this shot.


This is such a sweet photo!

These are breath taking...

So handsome!

Look at this charm!

Cole- you have grown so much in the last 6 years! What a total cutie you are...

Kayla-you look so beautiful here...

I cannot believe how gorgeous all of you six children are. God sure has blessed you!

Here is the entire gang. It was crazy to get them all in a photo together, but we did it! I hope these bring you all years of joy and memories.

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Tiffany Foto said...

Hi Michelle, these photos are gorgeous. You captured each of these children beautifully. I know how hard it is to photograph this many children at the same time, especially with variety of ages. You even magically photographed a young teen! Great job! I just love looking at your blog, I admire you very much.