Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crystal Cove Photographer-Newport Beach- Julia Class of 2011

Crystal Cove in Newport Beach is one of my favorite beaches. Our family goes there a few times a year just to eat brerakfast at The Beachcomber Cafe. Mark and I also like to go there in the evening when it is just the two of us for date night and have a relaxing dinner while watching the sunset. I was so excited when Julia called and wanted beach photos for her High School Senior photography session. She lives all the way in Fresno, so it was quite an honor to be chosen to be her phtoographer. We spoke about how she wanted her beach photos to look so I knew that Crystal Cove would be the perfect location. Julia and I had fun walking around and photographing in differnt locations. The wildflowers were in season so that was a treat! Julie brought along her own treat, her high school boyfriend, Noe. We had him join us for a few pictures at the end of the session. Here are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy and I hope you are having a great weekend.

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