Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mission Inn Wedding Photographer/ Historic Mission Inn Weddings/ Ashlee and Cody Hill

What an incredible way to start 2010! I was fortunate to photograph a gorgeous wedding at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside. Ashlee and Cody are the sweetest couple. I have known Ashlee and her family for over 14 years and I am honored that I got to be their wedding photographer. The Mission Inn is such an amazing wedding venue. The architecture and Spanish- Colonial Courtyard makes for truly breathtaking wedding photos. Here is a peak into this wonderful couple's wedding.

The Mission Inn has so many nooks and crannies to photograph in. I absolutely adore working at this wedding venue.

Ashlee was such a beautiful bride. She truly shines in her photos.

The bridesmaids were all so much fun to work with. I was so surprised to see one of my good friend's daughters as one of the bridesmaids. Brynn-(second from the left) you looked beautiful too and it was fun to spend time with you!

The handsome groom Cody. What a sweet guy! I hope my daughter finds someone as special as Cody. He is so sweet, polite, God-loving and kind. What a catch Ashlee!!!

A bit of history about the Mission Inn Chapel. The St. Francis of Assisi Chapel is embellished with priceless treasures from around the world. Precious Tiffany stained glass panels, which Mr. Miller acquired directly from Louis Comfort Tiffany, magnificently accent the grand walls of the chapel. The 18-karat-gold leafed Raya’s altar dates back to the mid-eighteenth century and was commissioned for a family home in Guanajuato, Mexico. Gleaming with gold and meticulously gilded, allow this altar to make your wedding glow.

The Mission Inn has this amazing rotunda. It is a dream to take photos in this hidden gem.

Ashlee and Cody were so playful and fun in their wedding photographs. I love when couples are just free and have fun.

The beautiful florals were designed by the talented Heather from Cupid's Arrow Weddings. I love working with Heather because she makes my clients so happy!

The first dance... Young love- so pure, innocent and true.

Fredo, Ashlee's brother, gave his sister a goodbye hug during the honeymoon dance. They love each other so much. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Here is Brynn again, she caught the bouquet... Do you think she may be next? I have to admit her boyfriend Kevin is a sweetheart and they are a great couple.

YMCA, fun for all.

Thank You Ashlee and Cody for having me photograph your dream wedding. I love you and your families. May God Bless you and your marriage. xoxo


Michelle said...

Beautiful!!!! What a cute couple and looks like you had great weather also. :)

Awesome as always my friend!! I think I will be hitting you up to tag along again soon. :)

Deb Tracey said...

Dear Michelle!! This is so great! I actually have tears! So wish I'd been a fly on the wall! John and I should have had lunch there (and spied!). What an absolutely gorgeous bride and groom and the day was exactly as Brynn described. Just perfect. They were so very blessed to have you capture their day! I LOVED the pics and seeing my Brynnie girl!!! (and Kev!) I can't wait to work there in March!!
love you, deb oxoxoxox

Ashlee & Cody Hill said...

Michelle Michelle Michelle! Amazing!!!

Hello Everyone, we are the bride and groom in these amazing photos, and they are truly AMAZING! Michelle was there bright and early to start all of her expert photo taking! I am not kidding, we have worked with photographers on numerous occasions, sometimes they're nice, but their pictures are a disappointment, and other times they are edgy, but brilliant; Michelle Johnson is the perfect balance of someone who is brilliant with a camera and who has an equally brilliant personality. Michelle was so great with lighting and finding all the right spots and poses at our beautiful location. We both felt like our wishes were what mattered most, Michelle even came to my rescue with some Advil for my aching feet haha. If you are wondering who to work with for your special day, go with Michelle, we loved her and her pictures that will remind us of our beautiful day for a lifetime!

~gina lee said...

beautiful couple, and beautiful moments you captured Michelle... Awesome, awesome.. :)