Monday, October 19, 2009

Inland Empire Photographer/ Fontana Photographer/ Raul Class of 2010

Life is good. I love being a photographer! I get to meet so many neat people and hear their stories. I just photographed this awesome session in the Inland Empire. Raul is a senior of the class of 2010! He is such a sweet guy! He loves music and being in the band at AB Miller High School in Fontana. He is a son, friend and a survivor. Just one year ago he underwent a kidney transplant. What a blessing he is to his family. Our photo session was filled with songs, chatting and fun. I am so thankful to give his family these beautiful memories. There are so many great photo spots in the Inland Empire. I simply can walk down any back ally and find a great urban photo spot. Here are a few of my favorites of Raul~ Class of 2010~ AB Miller High School~ Fontana, Ca.

OK, I know Liana, his mother, will be dying right about now. Look at those eyes. This is a lovely portrait of Raul.

Raul loves music so I thought this would be a fun place to take his photograph!

Thinking about his future, Raul plans on traveling out of his safe haven Fontana. The Inland Empire will not be able to hold this senior down. He is on his way...

Congratulations Raul. I know your parents are so proud of you! It was a pleasure hanging out with you and taking these cool photos...

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Liana said...

OMG!!!I can't stop watching the slide show. I tear up every time. I can't believe that's my boy! He sure is handsome!!! Thank you so much!