Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apple Valley Christian High School Senior Photographer/Apple Valley Photographer/ Tabitha Class of 2010

How lucky am I to photograph another amazing Apple Valley Christian High School Senior. These kids are so sweet, intelligent and fun.

Meet Tabitha- Apple Valley Christian High School Senior-Class of 2010. She is a foreign exchange student all the way from Korea! This is her second year attending Apple Valley Christian. She saw some of my photography and wanted her own portrait session! There aren't too many photo spots up in Apple Valley, so Tabitha and her host mom Eileen traveled down to my neck of the woods for some cool photos.

Being a High School Senior represents one of the most important times in your life. I believe senior photos should represent your lifestyle and personality. Studio photos are so boring...

Tabitha wanted fun and fresh photography with bold colors and unique settings. We found the perfect location for her senior photo shoot!!!
Enjoy her sneak peak.

I love this photo of Tabitha, she is on her way to the future...

Tabitha is an excellent student, she loves to sing , go shopping and hang out with her friends in Apple Valley.

After Graduation from Apple Valley Christian, she plans to attend college back in Korea.

These colorful photos are fun and fresh!

I love this greenish yellow wall. Too fun!

This is Tabitha's traditional Korean attire. It is beautiful and she looks amazing.

Thanks Tabitha for having me photograph your senior photos and I wish you the best of luck. Have a great year and God Bless you!

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Tabi! said...

Oh Michelle!!! I love all of my photos. Thank you so much. xoxo