Saturday, August 29, 2009

Claremont Photographer/High School Senior Photographer/Best Friends

M3- That's what they're called. Morgan, Morgan and Marissa! These sweet girls were the best of friends all through High School. They were spending one of the last days of Summer together before they went off to college and they decided to have a mini photo shoot done. We ran down to Claremont and got a few shots. It was so much fun spending the evening with these girls and the Tai dinner was yummy. Thanks girls. I sure will miss you all.

M3, Marissa on the left, Morgan (Shooey as we call her) in the middle and my daughter Morgan on the right.

Girls just wanna have fun! They went in 3 different directions to college, but they have a strong, friendship and they will be friends forever.

Morgan...My daughter. She headed to San Diego last Friday to start her college journey.
I am just praying God watches over her and keeps her well. I am hopeful the medicine will do it's job and her Lupus will be in remission soon. It is so hard to let your baby bird go off and fly, but it is part of life and it is very exciting.

Marissa... She started cracking up while watching this poor guy walk up the stairs and trip, it made a great shot! She headed to Chico last week. I know she will succeed and have a great college experience.

Morgan #2... (Shooey) She has a bright future ahead of her at Northern Arizona. She loves the outdoors and this area is simply gorgeous! I know this will be the perfect spot for her to spread her wings!

I love this shot of the girls just sitting and chatting! This Claremont wall is the perfect photo spot!

Time to celebrate! God Bless you girls and I can't wait to see you all together again over the holidays!

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Paul Schaefer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COLORS!!!!! Good job, great shots! : )