Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bar Mitzvah Photographer/Temple Beth Israel/Walter's Bar Mitzvah

Walter's Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth Israel was such a lovely event. Walter is such a sweet young man. He is a wonderful friend, awesome soccer player and world traveler. He has been to more parts of the world then most people get to see in their entire lifetime. What a lucky guy.

Here are just a few moments of his very special day.

Walter, Rabbi Kupetz and Cantor Paul

Walter's Party was a blast. The venue was held at the Avalon Room at the Fairplex, hosted by the lovely Sheraton. Rhythm Entertainment decked out this around the world party with the all of the decorations, activities and of corse amazing music all night long. 

What a super fun party!


Rhythm Entertainment said...

WOW what a website -- and what great compliments to us in the blogs -- thank you soooooooo much !!! I can not wait to get my hands on some of those pics ...

Rabbi Kupetz said...

Thanks Michelle,

They're great,

Rabbi Jonathan Kupetz

julie weaver said...

Hi Michelle! Miss you! Too funny! I know the girl who is hula-hooping...good family friends! Great job!

Sheryl Stuart said...

Thanks for all your help and professionalism. You captured the moments beautifully - the fun and the serious - we can't wait to see more :).