Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Upland Photographer/ Maternity Photos/Alma's Beautiful Belly!!!

It is such an honor to have your wedding clients hire you to document what is going on in their new life. I had Alma over to my home to take a view shots of her beautiful belly!!! Isn't she just gorgeous??? It was so fun hanging out. This isn't a sneak peak for Alma, she already has her photo order picked out, but I did want to adorn my blog with her beauty!!!

I love how natural and at peace she is here.

This was a fun one, my UPS man drove right by us and honked and waved!!! He loves me as I am keeping his job security going...He comes over every day lately.

Thanks Alma, I just know these with make David cry on Christmas morning... I can't wait to meet the new baby and take his or her announcement photos.


Alma Kelly said...


I want to thank you for taking such wonderful photos of my huge pregnant self. I didn't realize how beautiful my belly really was until I saw it on your blog. You did such a wonderful job!!!!

After having you photograph our wedding, I just knew you would take the most amazing photos.

I had fun hanging out with you that day and can't wait to do it again when the baby is here!!!!


Alma Kelly

Shannon Lott said...

These are great and she is so pretty. Love the ones by the grass with the sun! Know what you mean about the UPS guy...mine stops by just about every day too!

Happy Holidays!