Saturday, November 8, 2008

National Charity League/ Senior Girls Class of 2009

National Charity League, Foothill Chapter, Senior Girls...These girls have been part of National Charity League since their 7th grade year. They have been volunteering for numerous philanthropies as well as making hand made items, donating items and working as a group. It is finally their senior year and then they will be off to college. They are a bunch of bright, interesting, caring, intelligent and beautiful girls and it has been a pleasure getting to know them all. I really enjoyed my year as Grade Level Philanthropy Advisor and doing volunteer work with my own daughter Morgan has been a chance of a lifetime. It is a great joy to be able to donate this special photo session for them. We went out and took a few shots of the girls as a group to display at their Presentation this Spring. It was a blast! Here are just a few sneak peaks at their session...

We wanted to do a fun photo, so all of the girls brought a red accessories and painted their toes red for a fun shot!

The girls are having a more Vintage theme to their Presentation, so we thought the big sunglasses would be a great accent.

Look at these gorgeous girls...

So fun!

It will be hard to choose just one to display. You will all be amazing on Presentation Day!Thanks girls... I will see you soon. xoxo


Jenny Stein said...

Hi Michelle,

These are beautiful photographs! I always admire your ability to imagine and create interesting compositions (even with large groups.) It is always a treat to visit your site and see the 'latest' on your blog.

Kind regards,

Jenny Stein (a photog friend :)

Shannon Lott said...

These are so great! I'll be at this same location tomorrow:)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, the photos turned out so nice. I really like them all. I think I like the one in the tree the best. Thanks so much for taking them.

Maureen Free said...

Michelle, Laura and I absolutely loved the proofs you sent her via e-mail of the girls from last week. You did such an amazing job!