Friday, October 31, 2008

Laguna Beach Photographer/The Farnham Family from North Dakota!

Why is this family so excited and happy??? Well, they moved to Beautiful, Sunny California, from North Dakota!!! I would be jumping for joy too! It was such an honor to photograph for this family. Not only did my fabulous husband Mark get to sell them their new home, but Michelle, the mom is a fellow photographer. It is always an honor to be asked to photograph for one of your fellow photogs in the business. I am hoping to bring Michelle on as one of my associate- second photographers. It should be great. We spent a beautiful afternoon at the most gorgeous beach around. Laguna Beach... You could not ask for a more gorgeous coast line... Here is a sneak peak of the shoot!

The kids were so sweet and fun to work with and they were just mesmerized by their first sight of the Pacific Ocean!

Don't ya just adore this one!!!

Thanks Farnham Family, I wish you the happiest life ever here in So. Cal!!!

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michelle Farnham said...

As with all your work, you did an amazing job, and I am so excited to use these pictures for Christmas cards, and to actually work with you as well!!! Thanks so much!!!