Monday, April 7, 2008

Bruce & Alisa's Wedding

Wow! This was such a fun wedding to be a part of~ Bruce & Alisa found the perfect partner. They each bring out the best in each other and humor is a big part of their relationship. I love being a part of such unique situations. I was lucky enough to be recommended to this couple by both the maid of honor
( I photographed her wedding to Art a few years ago) and this amazing venue, Chantrelles at Padua Hills.
Here are a few moments from the day.

What a tender moment between the flower girl Chloe and Alisa

Chloe is precious and she was such a sweetheart to work with~

Alisa was filled with so much excitement and love. Her eyes were sparkling all day~

Here is my client Vicky, she was the maid of honor and she and Alisa are dear friends.

Bruce is so funny, charming and adorable~ He just pours out the love, I had so much fun working with him.

The beautiful room at Padua Hills. I adore working here~

Alisa's dad always read her the Cat in the Hat stories. It has played an enormous part in her life and it was so fun that they incorporated this theme to give them such a unique wedding.

I love the lighting and romance here~

Now this is Alisa & Bruce, super fun and happy!

God Bless you guys!


Anonymous said...

Geez, what do I say Michelle?! Wow, they are wonderful!! You got some great shots of Chloe. I love the picture of Vivki and I. My favorite picture is the one of Bruce and me laughing. I also love the b & W picture of Bruce. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures! These were wonderful!!!!! I am VERY excited to see what else you have! Thank you SO MUCH!

Sheryl said...

Hi Michelle,
It was great seeing you the other evening!! It is so nice to have someone that we know and love. I was able to take a look at the pictures, what a fun couple !!

Deb Tracey said...

Hey Michelle!! Finally hopped on your blog and what a sweet wedding at Padua!! love that place and what a great "theme!" The whole day looked sooooo happy and full of love! I LOVE the picture of the little bridesmaid looking out the window? Good work as always!! deb ox