Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vendor Spotlight- Posh Little Imprints

Lisette has been my client for over 12 years. I have photographed her family and friends weddings, portraits, and Holy Communions. She has been an excellent client and friend and I am so blessed to know her. I really would like to Pay it Forward by doing this Vendor Spotlight for her. Lisette started this amazing business called Posh Little Imprints- These are gorgeous imprints of your precious little one's hands and feet. You an even get PAW prints of your furry friend. Here is Lisette's Story:Posh Little Imprints is a creation of love inspired by Lisette's daughter, Luna. After her birth, Lisette returned to her demanding career in advertising. But, after many long workdays and stressful workweeks — she decided that staying at home with Luna to watch her grow was what really made her life complete and full of happiness. After taking her daughter to have impressions of her hands and feet made, Lisette began to think…. what a wonderful and fun way to work from home and still have the pleasure of spending quality time with her family. So, she decided to take a chance and start her own business — Posh Little Imprints. With a Communications degree from CSUF and a decade of experience in marketing, advertising and plenty of hard work, she has made Posh Little imprints a success. Lisette's mission is to help preserve today’s happiness into tomorrow’s memories.

Sometimes you get discouraged
because I am so small
I leave my little hand prints
on furniture and walls.

But every day I’m growing,
I’ll be big some day
and all my tiny fingerprints
will surely fade away.

So here’s a lasting keepsake
so you can still recall
how sweet my little hands were
when I was very small.

--Unknown author

To inquirie about appointments and her availability, email Lisette at or call her at 562.335.8114.

Please tell her you got her information from Michelle Johnson.

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