Friday, February 1, 2008

Launch of my new amazing website!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to launch my new website. Please check it out and leave me some comments here on the blog. I think it looks amazing. Yeah! My first goal of 2008 has been accomplished. I am so happy. I will be posting a few jobs from this past week so check back soon. Here's the link to my website, click here!


Julie Weaver said...

WOW!!! What a great accomplishment! Good job!
Everything looks amazing, Michelle!
Hope to see you soon!!!
Hey, aren't we supposed to go out to sushi with the guys???!!!

The Video Guys said...


Your new website and the photographs on it are amazing.

The Video Guys
Alta Loma, Ca

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Your new website is BEAUTIFUL! Love, Charlene

Teresa Lloro said...

I said to myself when I saw the old website for the first time, that it didn't give your work justice, especially after I came to your home and saw it in person! The new site is awesome and I look so forward to working with you!!!

Holly said...

LOVE the new website! You were fabulous without it, but being able to see your beautiful work the way it is layed out is wonderful!!! Can't wait to see some of my couples on it in the coming months! Holly :)

Holly said...

Hey Michelle!
LOVE the new website! You were fabulous without it, but it's wonderful to see your beautiful work layed out in this way! I can't wait to see some of my couples on it in the upcoming months!! Holly :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, this is GREAT!!! Congratulations Michelle.

Julie said...

The new site looks great! I am so tickled at all the pictures from our wedding that you used. I'm really honored. Thanks for including those on the home page and in your galleries! :)


Deb Tracey said...

Hey Michelle!! Your new website looks great!! Really showcases your work! I hope it brings you continued success! It was really great seeing you last week - next time it's lunch for sure!! :) deb

Alisa said...

WOW!!! Your new website looks AMAZING! I am so honored that you included some pictures of Wade and I in your galleries, along with some of our wedding details- it was fun to see some of our friends in there too! I love looking at your work- it is always so beautiful, you truly capture those fun little moments in life, full of love, that we wish we could live again! Thank you and congratulations!
Lots of Love,

Jessica said...

I checked out your new website and really liked it- very sophisticated!
You did such an amazing job on our wedding. Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by using the "next blog" button. I read a little bit and hit the link to your website- wow! It's awesome! I live in you travel?! :) Good Work!

Kurt said...

Great website Michelle! Congratulations, the new site really shows off your images well.

Kurt Hilmerson

John Anding said...

I looked at your site. Wow....I am impressed!

Talk to you soon,