Friday, July 27, 2007

Riley and Gavin...

Riley and Gavin are two of the sweetest kids on earth. I have had so much fun photographing them year after year. Their family has become some of our dearest friends. We took these shots at a park by their new home in Claremont. My husband Mark, found them the perfect home to raise their family! Thank you so much for having us share in your lives.

We used this same book when Riley turned 3!

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randgmom said...

Wow! These pictures are so great. Just when I think the pictures can't get any better she surprises me year after year with her creativity and her abilty to capture the essence of who the kids are. She really is magic. Although I must say I think the "magic" runs in the family as her husband Mark was able to sell our house during a very hard real estate market and he managed to find us our dream home. They are such great people each with their own unique brand of magic. Thank you!