Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sweet Little Lola!

Wow! This is my first blog entry. What makes this more exciting are these adorable images of Lola. She is the daughter of my friends Jason and Mary. Jason is a DJ that I work with all the time at events.

Here's Lola!

That's all for now!


Monica said...

Great blog Michelle. You took my photos over one year ago but I remember how comfortable you made me feel. AND, you were able to work around the subject and take some great photos.

Linzy said...

Hey Michelle,

The photo's you took of Nathan's first days of life are forever captured. It's been two years now and I still tear up when I see the flip book set to music. Brings back all those little memories we get to play again and again! He just watched it for the first time. We are so glad to have it! Thank you! Linzy